This page provides access to examples of academic good practice in X-stream modules (originally via the Leeds Met annual Technology Enhanced Learning competition 2008-2010). Watch the videos to see (and hear) how your academic colleagues created their modules and included simple yet innovative tools and features that enhanced the learning of their students. 

The Showcase 2010

The Technology Enhanced Learning Showcase displays the winning modules from the 2010 competition “TEL Us More”.

Now in its third year, the technology-enhanced learning competition has produced yet more interesting and different ways that colleagues have used X-stream to incorporate features that have enhanced the learning of their students.

Each video clip shows a particular area (or golden nugget) of good practice along with some context and background to how or why it was introduced. We hope you will find the videos interesting and may suggest to you some useful new ideas for your modules. http://www.leedsmet.ac.uk/tel/TELShowcase2010/index.html

The Showcase 2009

This web page allows you to click the links and see videos of recommendations for X-stream good practice arising from the TEL Us More 2009 competition. The full showcase, including winners talking about their modules, is available on dvd. (2009) http://www.leedsmet.ac.uk/alt/index_8E752E90D0F34016ACFAF4575E443523.htm

Topics in this collection:-

  • How your module looks
  • Ease of use
  • Module content
  • Communication
  • Assessment
    A printable, easy to use list of recommendations for good practice (including links to the above video's showing practical examples) is attached at the foot of this page for reference (choose 'Download' so you can click the links to watch the videos).

The Showcase 2008

The Technology Enhanced Learning Showcase displays the winning modules from the 2008 competition “TEL us about it!”.

These show a variety of interesting and different ways of using technology to enhance learning, which we hope may suggest to you some useful new ideas for your modules. (2008) http://www.leedsmet.ac.uk/tel/showcase/index.html 

Topics in this collection:_

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Recommended links

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Everything you need to know .. full collection of resources to get you started in Xstream and use some of the more advanced tools (including Campus Pack for wiki's and blogs, and Elluminate for video conferencing inc classes) http://www.leedsmet.ac.uk/x-stream/index_Getting_Started.htm TEL Team  
X-stream - Guides and Information - For Staff (UNAPPROVED!) X-stream - Guides and Information - For Staff - ALL FEEDBACK ARE WELCOME!  Colin Mitchell An expanding/collapsing menu system that pulls all of the existing Guides to the various bits of X-stream from sources across the University together alongside the many guides we developed ourselves in Carnegie. Many guides are repeated in the menu system because we know our users want to browse guides from different viewpoints e.g. "I want to watch a video about a feature", "I want to read about a feature", "I only know the name of the feature and want to know more", "I only know what I want to do and have no idea where to begin!" Anyway ALL FEEDBACK ARE WELCOME! 
X-stream - Guides and Information - For Students (UNAPPROVED!) Guides and Information - For Students - ALL FEEDBACK WELCOME! Colin Mitchell As above, but more student focussed. ALL FEEDBACK WELCOME! 
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